Democrats demand Republicans hold hearings on their health care bill

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Eight to 10 Republican senators have serious concerns about Republican healthcare legislation to dismantle and replace Obamacare, moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins, who opposes the bill, said on Sunday.

President Donald Trump turned up the heat on Friday on fellow Republicans in the US Senate to pass a bill dismantling the Obamacare law, but with their retooled healthcare plan drawing fire within the party even one more defection would doom it.

So, for several weeks, we've been pushing CHQ readers to support the "Consumer Freedom Option" proposed by Senator Cruz and Senator Mike Lee.

You can imagine what conservatives will say: Why do we need Democratic support when they forced Obamacare through without one Republican vote?

Republicans control the Senate by a 52-48 margin.

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On that basis, we are inclined to agree with Senator Cruz, who said, "I think this new bill represents a substantial improvement over the previous version", according to the Texas Tribune's Livingstone and Evans.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill would cut Medicaid by almost $800 billion by 2026, and would cut Medicaid 35 percent come 2036.

The Senate, which is delaying its consideration of the bill while Arizona Republican Senator John McCain recuperates from surgery to remove a blood clot, will take it up as soon as all senators are available, Senator John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republican senator, said. But it kept the core of the earlier bill, including ending the expansion of Medicaid that was instrumental in enabling Obamacare to expand coverage to 20 million people, and restructuring that social safety-net program.

Sixty-three percent of the respondents said it is more important for the Trump administration to provide healthcare to low-income people rather than cutting taxes.