Unbelievable video shows dog rescuing baby deer

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Freeley said after the initial rescue, the deer ran back into the water, presumably frightened by Storm and the ordeal.

Mark Freeley, of East Setauket, was walking with his dog Storm when the pooch noticed something in the water in Port Jefferson Harbor.

As soon as the fawn reached the shore, Storm followed it, laying down next to the baby deer.

"And then he started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure she was going to be OK, I guess", Freeley told CBS New York.

"This time it went out even further", Freeley said.

As Freeley called animal experts to retrieve the fawn, the young deer became spooked and darted back into the water. After about eight minutes, Freeley and a member of Strong Island Rescue were able to once again save the deer.

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The vet was able to get the fawn to her auto and is now being treated.

Two other good Samaritans jumped in and brought the deer back to shore a second time, this time getting it to a rescue group.

He credited the hard part to his partner Erica Kutzing.

"Erica carried it over a mile to her truck and together they transported it to the Star Foundation for treatment and rehab".

She's being cared for at an animal rescue until she can be released, WCBS reported. The deer is now being treated and is expected to make a full recovery from the incident.