Trump says he understands China doesn't want '50 million North Korean refugees'

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The key buyer, as usual, is China. One North Korean working on the soccer project was reportedly killed, and two North Koreans were found dead in a hospital near the site of the Luxury Apartment complex, the article noted. Since 2003 there has been a steady increase in North Korea's missile launches. Mr Trump's first reference to North Korea was in March 2013 when basketball star Dennis Rodman, who had appeared on Mr Trump's The Apprentice, visited North Korea and presented a copy of Mr Trump's book Art of the Deal to North Korea's sports minister.

China defended today its purchase of iron ore from North Korea following criticism by US President Donald Trump and said it is "strictly and earnestly" complying with United Nations sanctions. After Trump publicly pressed Beijing to rein in economic support for the rogue regime, trade between China and North Korea grew more than 37 percent in the first quarter, a statistic available in April but which Trump didn't publicly acknowledge until last week. Ten days later, the first United States troops arrived on Korean soil, where they stayed and aided South Korea for three years. Instead of fretting against the United States and sanctioning South Korea, China could use its influence over North Korea and bring them to the negotiating table.

The targets now being weighed for sanctions would come from a list of firms numbering "substantially more than 10" that Trump shared with Chinese President Xi Jinping at a Florida summit in April and which US experts have continued to compile for review, according to one of the officials. The talks suffered frequent disruption over the years by North Korea's provocations and unwarranted missile tests. Chinese exports to the North were mainly consumer goods such as textiles, which aren't on the list of sanctioned items, the spokesman said. Among the more economically developed countries, the preference is for increasing economic sanctions. China has been taking measures to revitalize North Korea's economy through humanitarian and civilian exchanges despite suspending coal imports.

Ms Haley threw an open challenge to China on July 5 when she stated in the Security Council, "There are countries that are allowing, even encouraging, trade with North Korea in violation of UNSC resolutions".

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Aside from these critical defense systems, after over 60 years of tension with the small volatile nation, the USA needs to consider its options to quell a quickly rising North Korean threat.

If anyone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it unless it involves more endless negotiations, piecemeal sanctions or toothless United Nations resolutions.

The volume of Chinese imports of North Korean iron ore almost doubled in the first five months of 2017 compared to the same period past year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Behind the push for tough sanctions is the U.S. threat to carry out military strikes on North Korea that would trigger a devastating war on the Korean Peninsula and more broadly. I believe that China knows this and on a daily basis does what it can to keep North Korea in line. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, North Korea attempted to reach out to the U.S., but President Carter flat out denied the olive branch. Most provocatively, in areas close to the Philippines, China has constructed man-made islands that serve as military airbases. "Because once they feel that they can hold the USA mainland at risk, they feel the US will be much less likely to come to South Korea's aid".