Tekken 7 New DLC Guest Character Revealed; New Trailer Released

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The Evo 2017 gameplay reveals and announcements just keep on coming.

The Tekken and Fatal Fury universes will collide when Geese Howard debuts for Tekken 7 as DLC 2 in winter 2017. Once the grand champion of that game's tourney was crowned, Katsuhiro Harada was brought on stage to drop some exciting news. The Tekken 7 season pass says the second DLC pack includes two additional playable characters, meaning there's still another to be revealed.

Tekken 7 has already proven to be a great game with crossover power, with Akuma from Street Fighter legend confirmed for the game some time ago, and proving to be a capable powerhouse in his own right.

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The trailer features images of some sort of Nazi bunker, laced with a voice-over who claims to have created a Zombie Fourth Reich. Well, because we're essentially living in an information age where all things get leaked, plans have changed.

A major antagonist in SNK's Fatal Fury series and father to Garou's Rock Howard, Geese represents an incredible surprise for Tekken 7. Facing off against the likes of Heihachi, Paul, and Akuma, Geese Howard sports his signature red hakama training trousers as he vows to destroy the TEKKEN fighters.

Geese can be seen going on a mean streak against several of Tekken's cast members. No other characters have been announced so far but more are on the way.