Street Fighter V is adding Final Fight's Abigail on July 25

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Street Fighter V is adding a stage and three costumes on July 25, and they're all from various parts of Street Fighter's history. On July 25, the hulking gang member Abigail will be unleashed in Capcom's marquee fighting game. Event Hubs believes that the stage appears to be themed around "Final Fight". Abigail is from the Final Fight series, and as you can tell from the trailer, he's a big bruiser. Alternatively, you can buy Street Fighter V's premier pass, where you'll get all the Capcom Pro Tour content above, as well as special colour theme options for every one of the game's 28 combatants. Event Hubs also mentioned a character page on the official CFN website with a browser tab that reads "ABIGAIL|CHARACTER DATA".

Just before taking the wraps off the top 8 finals for "Street Fighter 5", Capcom unveiled the mystery character that is headed straight to its popular fighting video game.

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Blunt looks happy to be playing the iconic character, and is sure to give an incredible performance in the sequel. The sequel, like its predecessor, is based on the book series by Australian-born P.L.

Interesting characters from the old games, such as Guy, Cody and Rolento, have joined the roster of several Street Fighter titles. Here's the "Street Fighter 5" Abigail gameplay trailer, which gives us a brief glimpse of the Metro City Bay Area stage as well.

Abigail's Critical Art sees him grab his opponent, stick them up into an imaginary stage ceiling, then use them as a punching bag before smashing them onto the camera.