Kit Harington is not a fan of this Game Of Thrones theory

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Sansa Stark has been through a hell of a lot since the first season of Game of Thrones.

Actress Sophie Turner said her character Sansa Stark might annoy hardcore "Game of Thrones" fans in the upcoming season as now her part has some power at her disposal. In the last season she reunited with one of her family members, Jon Snow. But whoever's behind that conjecture is probably comforting themselves right now with the thought that Jon Snow's a know-nothing anyway.

Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, and Gwendoline Christie were all in attendance, shedding their badass costumes for much more glamorous looks. She says she will be "an emotional wreck for a year". But she does think Sansa "believes she deserves a bit of respect for saving everyone's life, which I think is reasonable". The actress shone on the blue carpet at the Walt Disney Concert Hall-where she rang in Season 7 with her costars-in a silver sequined mini dress featuring a samurai face design by Kansai Yamamoto, a Japanese designer with whom Vuitton collaborated with for its Cruise 2018 collection.

Last season, we saw the long-suffering Sansa negotiate an alliance with Littlefinger and his Knights of the Vale in order to save Jon Sow's bacon at the Battle of the Bastards. Here, we break down exactly why we think Turner has become the Thrones' star most likely to be seen on a couture front row. She played Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse and will soon reprise her role in the sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. "I think it's a huge privilege to be respected in that way, as someone who plays that character". "I wanted a real strength".

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Game of Thrones viewers have watched on over the years as Sansa has been forced to quickly mature and quietly tackle issues on her own. Sansa does find a friend in Margaery and briefly is courted by her grandmother, the cunning Olenna Tyrell aka the "Queen of Thorns", who Sansa is fearless enough to admit Joffrey, Margaery's future husband, is "a monster".

Turner won't spill the beans on the possibility of a Sansa/Arya reunion in season 7, but if it did happen, she would be thrilled. And the reality of this impending war that's coming is very, very real for her for many reasons. After the coming season, who among the Starks will come out victorious?

Since its debut in 2011, the medieval-fantasy series that tells of royal power struggles has had the best and some of the most controversial TV moments. "They see the true, pure love between us".