HTC's Default Keyboard Is Showing Ads For Some Users

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We will suggest HTC users to install another keyboard.

So says a bunch of pissed off HTC customers over on Reddit, who have slammed the company for shoving adverts onto the top of the default TouchPal keyboard on some of its Android smartphones, including the HTC 10.

OEMs partnering with third-party Android keyboard options to provide a better typing experience is nothing new. Before you start getting mad at HTC, it might not even be the company's fault.

HTC has been busy working on the U11 adding software improvements and possibly a mid-range variant (aka Ocean Life), and more Edge Sense functions.

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"Before server side solution is ready, the ads could be removed by manually uninstalling TouchPal app and then updating from play store again". Although, HTC certainly isn't afraid of leveraging their own products so they can push advertisements in front of people's eyes.

"Due to an error, some customers are seeing ads on the phone keyboard". With ads starting to appear on the default HTC 10 keyboard over the past few hours, a number of users have taken to social media to express their outrage about this situation. Removing those ads require users to purchase the paid version of the keyboard. Most of the feedback that was tweeted to HTC relayed negative feelings about seeing ads on the QWERTY keyboard. This is absolutely not the experience we intended, and we're working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible."-Jeff Gordon, HTC Global PR". HTC users have recently reported of seeing ads while using the company's built-in keyboard TouchPal.

Now, it appears that the free version of the app - which comes pre-installed on numerous devices, including flagship models such as the HTC 10 - is showing ads.