Go Behind The Scenes Of Star Wars

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Fans can see the former Stormtrooper back in action in "The Last Jedi" on December 15 in US theaters.

Sadly, the late and great Carrie Fisher will not be returning for The Last Jedi, but her spirit will always live on. We got a trailer in April, and we were pumped.

"Featuring an all-new augmented reality headset, the product was created to give Star Wars fans an opportunity to recapture some of their favorite moments from Star Wars films in ways never before possible".

The video was released Saturday at the D23 Expo, a Disney fan event held in Anaheim, California. No, there's nothing to get angry about, but these character posters continue the crimson motif of The Last Jedi's ominous title treatment.

Atari's new Ataribox console will be like an NES Classic
The selection of ports further confirms that Atari's upcoming platform isn't exclusively intended for playing retro games. However, Atari also wants to release "current content" too, which could mean any number of things.

Johnson then introduced a final cast member - Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, and the franchise veteran received a standing ovation. Hamill, 65, used his speech to pay homage to Fisher, sharing what it was like to come back and work with her again on 2015's "The Force Awakens". "We could rely on each other, and there was a deep respect. I know for me it does".

And the 43-year-old filmmaker says Carrie's performance in the movie is "really beautiful", and despite the scenes not being filmed in the knowledge they would be her last, there are still moments within the feature that will "mean a lot to people". "Rian has written a story that is unexpected but right", she reveals.

To make these fan dreams a reality, Disney has partnered with Lenovo to make a new augmented reality headset.

The major difference in terms of hardware is that HoloLens is a self-sufficient system, whereas Disney's "Star Wars: Jedi Challenges" will link up to a smartphone.