Evo Japan to feature seven games at inaugural event

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While the game doesn't quite yet have a grassroots presence, or its own solo tournaments, this will be its debut as a full-fledged event at a multi-title major like Evo.

With the conclusion of the Super Smash Bros for Wii U grand finals, Evo 2017 released the official trailer for their first ever Japanese event: Evo Japan, to happen in the opening days of 2018.

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The grassroots-driven game studio, which received $6 million dollars in corporate funding earlier this year, revealed a teaser announcement for their long-awaited platform fighting game now known as Icons: Combat Arena. More specifically, though, users have commented that its near-exact replication of Super Smash Bros. is disappointing. Brawl conversion Project M, which aimed to make the game more like its predecessor Melee and appeal to the competitive crowd. Organisers say they will be working closely with local fighting game communities and tournaments like Topanga and Godsgarden to ensure the event is a success. For example, Icons features classic Smash Bros. moves like the edge hang, wavedash, and others.

When it comes to Icons: Combat Arena's gameplay, it's basically a platform-based fighter that is heavily influenced by Super Smash Bros. Melee. This definitely isn't a coincidence considering the game's style as well as the developer's name. Many players have lamented the fact that Project M ceased production a while back, and seeing one of the factors in that decision here in the trailer wasn't too reassuring for fans of the mod. With a beta launching on Steam this fall, Wavedash Games are attempting to bring the feeling of Smash Bros.