American doctor to travel to United Kingdom in Charlie Gard case

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Charlie's parents have fought a determined battle through the courts as they plea for doctors to allow them to take their terminally-ill baby to the United States for experimental treatment.

Columbia University medical school specialist Michio Hurano on Monday examined Charlie Gard with British colleagues ahead of a High Court hearing on new experimental treatment and a possible move to the U.S. for the terminally ill 11-month-old British boy, whose Great Ormond Street doctors are poised to pull the plug after earlier British and European court rulings.

The New York-based neurologist claims there is a 10 per cent chance that his experimental treatment could improve muscle strength and bring a "small but significant" improvement to Charlie's brain function.

The hospital gave Hirano, a doctor and professor at Columbia University Medical Center, an honorary contract, which gives him the same status as its own physicians.

The child is effectively being taken prisoner by the NHS and by the state.

Ms Yates and Charlie's father, Chris Gard, want to be allowed to take their son to NY to undergo a trial therapy overseen by Dr Hirano.

The hospital also offered to send the drug to Great Ormond Street Hospital - the British hospital where Charlie is being treated - if approved, the Post added.

American doctor to travel to United Kingdom in Charlie Gard case

A judge overseeing the latest stage of litigation has agreed that Ms Yates can be present when experts meet to discuss Charlie's condition.

The High Court has previously ruled that Charlie's life support should be removed to enable him to die with dignity.

Hirano, who has been providing evidence to the High Court via video link, suggested that now, there is clinical data that were not available in April, and he thought the therapy was "worth trying".

Rare-disease specialists at Bambino Gesu' are working with other global experts to map out an experimental treatment protocol for Charlie, hospital chief Mariella Enoc said.

But judges in several courts - most recently the European Court of Human Rights - told his parents that taking Charlie overseas was not in his best interests.

Connie and Charlie's dad Chris, of Bedfont, West London, want a judge to rule the 11-month-old can have experimental treatment in the US.

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