Flint funeral home closed due to 'deplorable' conditions, including maggots, unrefrigerated bodies

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The funeral home could be subject to fines of up to $10,000 for each violation of the occupational code, according to LARA.

There has recently been a misunderstanding in relation to a funeral home being shut down in Flint, Michigan.

The agency inspected the Flint funeral home six times between June 14, 2012, and September 21, 2016, "verifying serious and repeated violations of standards and laws it enforces", the document said.

The funeral home offered low-cost cremations and numerous obituaries on its website Wednesday involved cremations without services. According to a report by the state's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department (LARA), investigators also reported smelling the odor of decomposing bodies and an "unsanitary preparation room without equipment or supplies necessary for embalming".

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O'Neil Swanson, president of the funeral homes, says there is no legal or business connection with the Flint funeral home operated by his son, O'Neil D, Swanson II. The bodies were purportedly left in the area for 72 hours.

Swanson Funeral Home Inc.in Flint has been shut down for "deplorable, unsanitary conditions", including unrefrigerated bodies stored in a garage, maggots throughout the building and blood and fluid stains on casket pillows, the state announced Wednesday.

Police say that if members of the public have used the Swanson Funeral Home services and would like more information, contact LARA's Corporations, Securities and Commercial Licensing Bureau at 517-241-7000.

The allegations tied to the license suspensions for the younger Swanson and his funeral home in Flint include claims that inspectors found maggots on the floor of the facility's garage - where unrefrigerated human bodies were stored. The remains were in cardboard cremation containers, stacked atop one another against a back wall. "We will continue to aggressively hold every funeral home in MI to the highest standards of public health and safety when providing final arrangements".