Trump making case for apprenticeships to fill jobs gap

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President Donald Trump says apprenticeships could match workers with millions of open jobs, but he's reluctant to devote more taxpayer money to the effort. These apprenticeship programs are important for the purposes of loading up young people with skills in the modern information age, all the while allowing them to avoid crushing student debt.

Not many. Only about 500,000 people enrolled in registered apprenticeship programs in the U.S., including an apprenticeship program run by the military. We're training people to have great jobs and high-paying jobs.

The president has accepted a challenge from CEO Marc Benioff to create 5 million apprenticeships over five years. We're joined today by apprentices who know firsthand how these programs can bring new hope and new opportunities.

Secretary Acosta said earlier this week business leaders have been eager to work with the administration on workforce development and indicated apprentices are in demand across the labor market.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the former Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, issued the following statement in support of President Trump's executive order, which seeks to expand apprenticeships to train people for millions of unfilled jobs.

"If you're really interested in promoting apprenticeship, you have to invest in that skills training", said Mike Rosen, president of the Milwaukee chapter of the American Federation of Teachers union. They typically involve a combination of mentorship while at work and classroom instruction, usually provided by a community college, over one to six years depending on the type of entrepreneurship. He spent the tour with his daughter, Ivanka Trump, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and Walker.

Trump's proposed federal budget would cut job training programs by 40% and reduce other types of workforce training programs, such as financial aid for college students.

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Next week Congress will vote on the Perkins Act, which would increase appropriations for career-technical education programs to $1.23 billion by 2022 and return oversight authority from federal officials to local ones. The White House noted that there are now six million job vacancies in the United States, the highest number in almost 40 years, but workers don't necessarily have the skills to fill them. In addition, it will expand access to apprenticeship programs to high schools and other entities, and most importantly, will double funding for apprenticeship programs, providing even more opportunities for all Americans to find a fulfilling career.

The executive order also charges the Secretaries of Defense, Labor, and Education and the Attorney General to promote apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs for several groups including high school students, persons now or formerly incarcerated, and members of the country's armed forces and veterans.

Another complication: only about half of apprentices finish their multi-year programs, Lerman said.

The Trump administration has yet to spell out how it would close the completion gap.

There are "6 million vacant jobs in the United States, the highest level on record" with "too few women and minorities working in STEM fields".

Walker has long touted Wisconsin's apprenticeship programs as a way to address workplace shortages.