Arab States Issue List of Demands to End Crisis With Qatar

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- Stop interfering in the four countries' affairs.

Qatar has been given 13 demands by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that it must adhere to for the current blockade to be lifted.

But Gargash, who has in recent days claimed Al Jazeera was a "mouthpiece" for extremists, accused Qatar of leaking the document presented by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. Suggesting the penalties would only be economic and diplomatic, he said "there is no military element to this whatsoever".

After these countries had cut their ties with Qatar earlier this month, Turkey reportedly stepped in with aid for Qatar.

"The measures that have been taken are there to stay until there is a long-term solution to the issue", Emirati Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef al-Otaiba said in an interview.

Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash made the accusation on Twitter on Friday.

The document allegedly ends with a warning that the "requirements must be met within 10 days from the date of delivery or they will considered void".

The list also calls for the closure of Middle East Eye, which it says Qatar backs "directly or indirectly".

Al-Jazeera added that it "deplores" calls for its closure.

The Doha-based network is committed to continuing broadcasts and stands firm in providing "our usual comprehensive and impartial coverage of events around the world", Giles Trendle told The Associated Press.

Qatar faces a choice of either stability and prosperity, or isolation, he said.

"We remain committed to doing journalism", he said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani spoke to the media saying that the blockade was definitely an act of aggression towards them and the only way to get them to discuss the Gulf Crisis Problem is by lifting the blockade and ending the isolation.

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The UAE today advised Qatar to take a list of stern demands drawn up by its neighbours seriously or the diplomatic crisis in the Gulf would turn into a "divorce" with Doha.

The Atlantic reported that "Dana Shell Smith, the US ambassador to Qatar who drew attention last month after posting a tweet that appeared to be critical of the Trump administration, announced Tuesday that her tenure in Doha will end later this month".

"The base in Qatar is both a Turkish base and one that will preserve the security of Qatar and the region", said Isik.

"Strengthening the Turkish base would be a positive step in terms of the Gulf's security", he said. Even as Qatar's neighbors try to get it to sever ties with these countries, some experts believe the sanctions might actually encourage those relations. The military said a contingent of 23 soldiers reached Doha on Thursday.

The list compiled by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain also demands the closing of a Turkish military base, the official told Reuters.

Qatari officials have not yet responded to CNN's requests for comment but said they would issue a statement later Friday. The dispute comes at a time of rising tensions in the region, particularly between Saudi Arabia and its rival Iran.

According to the list, Qatar must refuse to naturalise citizens from the four countries and expel those now in Qatar, in what the countries describe as an effort to keep it from meddling in their internal affairs.

Turkey and Qatar have a long history of being on the same side of regional conflicts and developments.

The list specifies that Doha sever ties to radical jihadist groups such as Islamic State, al-Qaeda and its branch in Syria, as well as Lebanon's Shia group Hizbullah.

The report also warned that a prolonged dispute between Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council nations would interfere with the seamlessness of United States operations in the Gulf, especially a U.S. effort to construct a regional ballistic missile defense system to neutralize Iran's increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile force.

The list demanded Qatar to cut diplomatic ties with Iran and to kick members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard out of Qatar and cut off any joint military cooperation with Iran.

Suspend all diplomatic ties with Iran. "Re-evaluating the base agreement with Qatar is not on our agenda". That presumably would mean Qatar would have to close down Al-Jazeera's English-language sister network.