Rob Pelinka: Lakers' trade with Nets was 'the flawless storm for us'

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Many of the Balls spent the night in New York City and ultimately flew home to Los Angeles on Friday afternoon. We can only assume it has something to do with Russell's "mindset" - that, and the Lakers' need to clear cap space by enticing Brooklyn to take on Timofey Mozgov's contract. "But what I needed was a leader", Johnson told reporters.

Still, it's pretty rare to hear an executive make these kind of comments publicly about a player, even if that player's no longer on their team.

"There's just a renewed energy around here", Pelinka said Thursday night. Ball was considered one of the top prospects in the latest draft and is unlike others in that he'll look to find open teammates and make the key plays. "I think that you also are gauging and evaluating his son on his ability and what he can do not only on the basketball court but also what he can do for your team". They were repeatedly surprised and disappointed when free agents didn't line up to wear the Lakers' hallowed gold uniforms, leaving Los Angeles to struggle to four consecutive losing seasons. Players like Paul George or LeBron James who may be considering Los Angeles don't want to be the only superstar on the team. 2 overall pick, Lonzo, the elder Ball has made his name as an outspoken figure within the sports world.

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"What a tremendous day it is for Laker Nation, the Lakers organization, for Rob and I as well as the Buss family". I think players around the National Basketball Association feel that as well and are going to be attracted to that energy here. With Magic Johnson at the helm, the Lakers went to work, looking for ways to add young talent while improving the overall outlook for this squad. The Lakers have high expectations for Ball, calling him the new face of the franchise.

While the $495 "Sho'time" ZO2 sneakers are now available for preorder, they won't actually materialize until Ball is well into his rookie season. Just do not forget to not take it too seriously-these are just one man's opinions based on the early parts of these players' basketball careers.

"I think what you're drafting is the son and not the father", Johnson told ESPN in May.