UFC President Dana White reveals Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight details

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So, while the fight itself will likely be nothing more than Mayweather schooling McGregor round the ring for 12 rounds so he can take a points victory and extend his undefeated streak to the magical 50-0, we should all sit back and enjoy the circus that is coming to town for the next two months.

UFC president Dana White, appearing on SportsCenter, said the fight would be at the boxing junior middleweight weight limit of 154 pounds, the fighters would use 10-ounce gloves and the card would take place at the T-Mobile Arena.

White followed the announcement with an emoji. Everywhere I go, it's the only question people ask me now.

"I talked to Conor McGregor this morning". But he has been vocal about his desire to exit retirement for only one fight - the big one against McGregor. Floyd is retired now, but he's forgotten more about boxing than Conor has ever learned - the MMA star has NEVER fought as a boxer, even in an amateur setting. "He will go after Floyd Mayweather, and he will try to knock him out".

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McGregor has become one of the most recognisable mixed martial artists in the world since he won the UFC featherweight title in December 2015. "The whole world is going to eat their words".

As earlier reported, the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved an event request from Mayweather Promotions to hold a boxing event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

McGregor is the top pay-per-view draw in UFC while Mayweather had been the money spinner in some of boxing's biggest bouts, including match-ups with Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao and USA star Oscar De La Hoya. "They carry unmatched reputations for spectacle and athleticism, and together they will create a once-in-a-lifetime event".

"Conor McGregor is a guy who's done a lot of good things over here for the sport and this company and he wanted this and the fans wanted it too".