The Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Unfixable

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iFixit is known for its taking apart of new devices and providing a score to indicate to what extent the device in question is repairable. As iFixit recently discovered, if something inside the portable PC goes bang, you'll nearly certainly have to get a complete new one.

The teardown was carried out by the stalwarts at iFixit who have dismantled numerous Surface devices in the past, and awarded all of them poor repairability scores.

When the Surface Laptop was launched, Microsoft put emphasis on the details of the design and how the use of metal, cloth, and glass all worked well together to try and deliver a one of a kind experience. The only way to get into the guts of the device to replace the battery or anything else is with a knife and the grim determination to get past what the iFixIt teardown calls a "glue filled monstrosity".

Microsoft used a fabric named Alcantara to cover the Surface Laptop's keyboard to give it a sleek, elegant look, as well as avoid spillage and absorption. The laptop, due to these shortcomings, would also not last long enough and can not be opened without destroying or damaging some of its key components.

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It also pointed out that the processor, memory and onboard storage were soldered to the motherboard, which meant that upgrades were impossible.

To remove the battery, folks at iFixit had to remove a most of the components, which included the speakers as well.

The folks at iFixit have taken it upon themselves to tear down every piece of tech that gets released in a bid to show users how hard or how easily they can be repaired.