Putin: 'We Don't Care Who's The Head Of The United States'

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During his interview, Vladimir Putin also pointed out the USA had a history of interfering in elections of nearly every country in the world.

Just a day after saying that "patriotic" Russian hackers might have meddled with the 2016 us presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with NBC's Megyn Kelly, suggested that those hackers could have come from "anywhere". "Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world", he said, "and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal election processes".

U.S. President Donald Trump fired Flynn in February for failing to disclose the content of his talks with Sergei Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to the United States, and misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

When Kelly pressed on Russia's alleged involvement in US elections a year ago - something Putin will obviously never admit - the former KGB head again responded aggressively.

In the interview, Putin claimed that "a child" could have hacked the US election and also alleged Russian Federation may have been framed.

Mr Putin stated that it really did not matter to him whether Donald Trump was president because, "the main political direction (of the United States) does not change".

Kelly also asked the Russian president what kind of relationship he had with the American president and if he had any damaging information on him. "Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something?"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he barely spoke to former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn at a dinner in Moscow in 2015. Even though there was a time when Trump went to Moscow "I never met with him". And then afterward I was told, 'You know there was an American gentleman. "They can be in Russian Federation, in Asia. even in America, Latin America", Putin said. "Good job. Your lives must be boring".

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Flynn told the Washington Post in August, 2016 that he did not ask to sit next to Putin or worry about the optics.

Putin, speaking through a translator, said the pair's contact at the event - which was thrown to celebrate Russian state news network Russia Today (RT) - was limited.

Megyn Kelly's interview with the Russian President was taped in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Friday. "I made a speech, then we talked about something else, then I got up and left". I told them the same thing I tell you.

It was a program which came with some fanfare, particularly if you were watching NBC News platforms in the days leading up to Sunday's debut. "You and I met yesterday evening". They can be in Russian Federation, in Asia - even in America - Latin America - there can even be hackers by the way in the United States who very skilfully and professionally shifted the blame on to Russian Federation.

Mr Putin said he knew nothing about it and that he had not discussed with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak any meeting with Mr Kushner.

"You and I, we have a much closer relationship than with Mr. Flynn". Putin asked, before saying: "Have you all lost your senses?"

Flynn was paid at least $45,000 to give a talk at the gala, and he was photographed sitting next to Putin at a table filled with Russian luminaires. Even his astonished comment that Americans have "lost their senses" for thinking Russian Federation might gather compromising information on American businessmen in his country sounded disingenuous.