Putin says Russia ready for constructive dialogue with USA

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Earlier this week, Navalny was arrested ahead of nationwide anti-corruption demonstrations and jailed for 30 days. The Russian constitution says no person can hold the office more than twice in a row, which explains why in 2008 he supported the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev and served as prime minister before running for the presidency again in 2012. Moscow City Hall hails the plan that would pull down more than 4,500 blocks as a solution to get rid of dilapidated, poor-quality housing that is too costly to maintain.

"How, in that case, does he differ from Snowden?.That means he is not the leader of the security services, but a human rights defender". Putin said the Syrian campaign is providing "absolutely priceless experience" for the Russian armed forces, which allows them to better protect the country.

However, militants belonging to the Islamic State in Syria are being targeted by both the West and Russian Federation.

He added that many heads of state around the world had told him of similar USA meddling in their internal affairs.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that its primary goal in Syria is to ensure that the jihadists who came to fight for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) will not return to Russian Federation and employ their battleground experience to carry out attacks. They plan to finalize specifics related to the zones during future talks in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana.

Putin said that a slump in oil prices had been a more important factor in Russia's economic slowdown than the sanctions. "But this is not any sort of underground subversive activity", Putin said.

Putin added that a military presence in the Arctic region is also essential for ensuring Russia's security. We do not consider the United States as our enemy.

Putin said Moscow is determined to re-engage with Washington on several pressing global issues, including nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, combatting poverty and climate change.

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The Russian president described the allegations of Russian meddling in the US election as reflection of "exacerbating political infighting".

Asked about prospects for improving US-Russia relations, Mr Putin said he hoped that would happen but warned the current US political climate isn't conducive to it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted a little of the secrecy Thursday around his grandchildren and mockingly offered ex-FBI chief James Comey asylum during his annual televised chat with the Russian people.

Putin said, referring to former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russian Federation in 2013 after leaking classified information about US spy operations.

Putin also likened Comey to Edward Snowden, a contractor who leaked thousands of secret documents from the National Security Agency and has been living in Russian Federation since being granted asylum in 2013.

Some of the texted questions to Putin urged him not to run for re-election next year when he is expected to seek a fourth term. He offered assurances, however, that a compromise will be found to accommodate the museum's needs.

Reuters has reported that Putin's daughter Katerina works in a senior post at Moscow State University and that she has described herself as the spouse of Kirill Shamalov, a shareholder in petrochemicals company Sibur.

When asked if he was aware about the conditions in which that ordinary people lived, Putin said he did.