It looks like we won't be getting Monster Hunter XX

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But Capcom CEO, Ryuzo Tsujimoto, was quick to clear the air and indeed confirm that Monster Hunter: World will be the next mainline title in the franchise.

Bad news for Monster Hunter fans who can't read or speak Japanese - the Monster Hunter game coming to Switch isn't getting an English release.

E3 press conference, Capcom announced Monster Hunter: World, the latest entry in the 40 million unit selling action RPG series. The game is expected to release in Japan on the Switch in late August, but it sounds like there are now no plans to bring that port over to North America at this point.

In an odd decision, it seems like Capcom isn't going to be localizing Monster Hunter XX for Switch.

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In a tweet, one of Capcom's community managers confirmed that they're focused on Monster Hunter World for Western audiences right now, and there's nothing concrete on the way for Switch at the moment. But [in Monster Hunter: World] for the first time, we've got drop-in multiplayer.

While Monster Hunter: World looks highly promising and could be a huge success in the West, in Japan the IP has typically performed far better on portable hardware, from the PSP through to the 3DS. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

The game retains and improves on the signature features of the "Monster Hunter" game series, as it improves on the skill based progression and robust crafting system of its predecessors, according to the Daily Express.