Beyond Good & Evil 2 Returns As A Prequel Adventure

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Ubisoft at E3 2017 does announce Beyond Good And Evil 2 at their E3 press conference, but there was no information on which platform (or platforms) the game would release, due to this that Nintendo Switch timed-exclusive rumor starting trending once again.

The journey for a sequel to "Beyond Good and Evil" has been a long and trying one for Ubisoft creative director Michel Ancel. Hopefully, much more news will be divulged on Beyond Good and Evil 2 during the rest of E3, hopefully including some actual game-play footage.

The new trailer opens in the depths of a busy 24th century city on a planet in the System 3 solar system comprised of South Asian-inspired architecture augmented with futuristic accoutrements in the manner of Blade Runner. While private enterprises exploit hybrid slave for domination over resources, System 3 colonists struggle to survive and give meaning to their existence by weaving together the diverse heritages of Old Earth.

Surprisingly, it takes place before the birth of the first game's protagonist Jane in a multicultural world and will allow players to fight alongside unforgettable characters in a stunning new solar system as you fight for freedom.

There are some changes to the proposed version of Beyond Good and Evil 2 many fans wanted and Ancel, himself, showed off before.

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Over the years since - during which development was put on hold at least once - it looks like things have shifted dramatically. The game is actually a prequel, and has a persistent seamless online universe to explore for gamers, strongly indicating it'll be built on Ubisoft's live services framework and offer multiplayer content for years to come.

It might seem odd not to crown one of the hardware makers the victor, as is tradition, but if we're going by the quality of the press conferences - the sense of surprise and elation and the excitement generated - then Ubisoft wins pretty easily. After the trailer finished, a visibly emotional Michel Ancel took to the stage. However, while it's heartening to see Ubisoft hasn't abandoned the game, fans may want to keep their enthusiasm in check just a while longer.

The cinematic trailer of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" created mixed opinions and questions from everyone who saw it. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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