California Congressman Moves to Impeach President Trump

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Sherman said in his dear colleague letter that while impeachment does not require violation of a criminal statue, he believes members would feel more comfortable moving forward with impeachment of Trump with evidence that he committed a crime.

A House Democrat unveiled an impeachment resolution against President Donald Trump on Monday, circulating legislative text that accuses Trump of obstructing justice by "threatening, and then terminating" James B. Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director - and openly echoes charges that ultimately drove Richard Nixon from the presidency 43 years ago.

Sherman's office did not immediately return a request for comment on when he plans to formally file the resolution containing the article of impeachment against Trump and how long he would give the Judiciary Committee to act before pushing for a floor vote. "But we must move forward as quickly as possible to ensure a competent government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law, even if we end up with a President who is effective and dedicated to regressive policies", Sherman said in his statement.

Sherman said Wednesday that he was "startled by the similarities to Watergate" in Trump's alleged obstruction of justice - starting with the fact that both episodes included infiltration of the Democratic National Committee.

View the draft articles of impeachment hereSherman said he's sent out possible articles of impeachment to every member of the House. "Trump's efforts to obstruct the investigation of his campaign's possible collusion with Russian Federation violated the same statute", Sherman wrote in his letter, as reported by the website.

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Eyewitness News asked Sherman about the fear that some Democrats have that a Pence presidency could be worse than a Trump presidency.

Sherman joined Rep. Al Green (D-TX) in a press conference Friday. However, as to Obstruction of Justice... the evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now. Articles of Impeachment will not pass the House in the near future.

Sherman's move has limited potential, as Republicans hold the House majority and are unlikely to bring up the charge.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has also called for Trump's impeachment and led chants of "Impeach 45" at LA Pride's #ResistMarch over the weekend.

In a Morning Consult/POLITICO survey conducted May 18-22, 38 percent of Americans said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings while 46 percent opposed such a move.