The Latest: Le Pen calls turnout catastrophic in France vote

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In France, President Emmanuel Macron's party Republique en Marche, has topped the first round of voting in parliamentary elections.

The latest opinion polls forecast that Macron's centrist Republic On the Move (LREM) party and its center-right Modem allies will get at least 30 percent of the votes on Sunday, with the conservative The Republicans and its allies at around 20 percent and the far-right National Front around 17 percent.

Turnout was markedly down on Sunday compared with the last parliamentary election, reflecting a degree of fatalism among Macron's opponents in the face of his advance as well as a degree of election fatigue, experts said. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the First Secretary of the French Socialist Party, noted that the absenteeism rate was the highest since 1958 and he warned that because of the "unprecedented decline in the Socialist party could be a national assembly without a democratic debate".

Macron's fledgling party is expected to win between 415 and 445 seats in the lower house after taking a projected 32.3% of the vote. "It is part of regular dialogue between Algeria and France linked by strong and diversified relations", said the source.

The main loser in this election, as in the presidential vote, was the Socialist Party, which led the country for the last five years under Francois Hollande before Macron was elected.

But for him to be able to implement his reforms, he needs to be able to govern - and that means having a majority in Parliament.

"Le Drian is due to hold talks with his Algerian counterpart, Abdelkader Messahel, as they will assess bilateral relationships and discuss regional and international issues of common interest, including counter-terrorism cooperation, and the situation in Libya and Mali", notes the statement.

On the same day that Macron's new government unveiled new ethics proposals to clean up politics, French prosecutors also announced a preliminary investigation into a property deal several years ago involving the partner of a minister and key Macron supporter, Richard Ferrand, who denied any wrongdoing.

Very few lawmakers are expected to be elected directly in the first round - which requires an outright majority accounting for at least a quarter of registered voters. Its candidates fail to reach 8 percent of the vote.

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Voters said polls that had predicted a large majority for Macron's camp likely dissuaded people from turning out. That was Le Pen's hope after she advanced for the first time to the presidential runoff that Macron won on May 7.

Speaking of which, the parliamentary elections reconfirmed the parlous state of France's Socialist party.

The two mainstream parties that dominated French politics for decades were again left licking their wounds, marginalized by the swing of voter support behind Macron's political revolution.

"We've maybe been disappointed by the score and we have paid the price, I think, for a low turnout", he told reporters.

The final results will be confirmed next Sunday after the second round of voting.

The Macron victory is the biggest majority seen in France since Charles de Gaulle's landslide win in 1968.

Macron's party are contesting 526 constituencies out of a possible 577.

However, the move faced the strong criticism of the general public with 502,446 people signing an online petition against the coalition.

This visit is the first of a French official since the election of President Emmanuel Macron.