No Dinner First? Corbyn botches a High Five

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Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was celebrating a strong election night showing when something went terribly wrong.

Surrounded by cheering supporters in his home constituency of Islington North, Corbyn clasped the shoulders of shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.

Thornberry briefly points at Corbyn's face, while posing for a photograph.

As Corbyn and Labour Member of Parliament Emily Thornberry embraced, pointing at the other with huge smiles, the opposition leader's attempt at a "high-five" wasn't seen by his colleague and landed palm flat in a thud against her chest.

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Corbyn didn't let the mistake butcher his night, which may end with the progressive Labour party primed to unseat May.

While Labour failed to cause a complete upset, taking control of parliament, they have stunted the Torys by forcing them to lose their majority, and ending the election in a hung parliament. Well the mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.

It's unclear how this will all turn out, but Corbyn has demonstrated the mass appeal of a candidate with socialist inclinations.