This New iPhone Feature May Just Save Your Life

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Furthermore, the feature will be launched along with the iOS 11 update in the Fall. The company also announced several new augmented and virtual reality integrations, including AR capabilities on mobile devices and VR integrations on laptops and desktops.

One announcement generating a lot of buzz is Apple's new HomePod. Not only does it bring to the table a handful of great new features.

The new framework appears to let the chip in the latest iPhones read any tags - not just Apple Pay tags - and take action on them based on the phone's location.

Up until now, Apple had deliberately opted to ignore offering playback support for FLAC files in both iTunes and iOS - though there are numerous third-party apps to do the trick. In fact, Apple showcased VR demos using the MacBook with some external graphics support, and HTC Vive hardware.

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iPhone will now be able to detect when users are driving and will automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark. That should help Apple reposition the iPad as a work device capable of carrying out all the usual functionality users want from their laptops.

Not any more. A few Reddit users testing the developer-only beta of iOS 11 discovered that the new customisable Control Center makes it easy to use a new tool called Screen Recorder.

The iPad 4 and hundreds of apps will also be made obsolete under the new software as it will remove support for 32-bit apps. The new iOS also features a new keyboard that gives access to punctuation features by flicking down on keys, allowing for faster typing. As we wrote past year, that raises the potential for them to quietly collect background information on users, even though Uber, for one, has played that suggestion down. Users will also be able to dismiss the notice by saying they are passengers.

It is clear that Apple's goal of this year's Worldwide Developers Conference wasn't to wow and present flashy new gadgets and products, but to actually pave the way in smaller, more sustainable increments by inconspicuously slipping smaller future fragments in today's devices.