Apple HomePod VS Amazon Echo: Which One Should You Buy

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Apple on Monday fired a shot over Amazon's smart home bow, but the e-commerce giant might not think it matters.

Even despite the platform's advancements showcased at WWDC this week, Apple employees who formerly worked on the company's Siri development team (as well as current software developers) expressed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that they believe Siri is lagging behind competing voice-assistant platforms from Amazon and Google.

When Tim Cook finally arrived at the last of the six "important" announcements Apple was due to make at the Worldwide Developers Conference, a collective sigh of relief resounded at the venue.

However, a recent statement from an Amazon exec holds that the HomePod is not such a big threat to the Echo family, as the products are "different philosophically" and should appeal to different tastes and needs. Amazon, the pioneer in the smart speaker industry, launched its smart speaker, Echo, in 2014 Apple HomePod will play news for you, book appointments, control climate of your rooms, do quick Google searches for you and many other tasks which any good, smart virtual assistant should do. While many experts believe that Amazon's product is now stronger than Apple's (especially its activation command) and more competitively priced, it may not take long for Apple to add features and improve its Home Pod. Siri can also be employed to play songs through the company's streaming service Apple Music.

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The third combatant in this fracas will be the Amazon Echo. Apple's HomePod will retail for $349 when it's released later this year. Competitor Google's home assistant achieved a 10% market share. Google has so far not commented on HomePod.

HomePod is Apple's bet in the burgeoning market for smart home systems. But at least for now, Limp isn't so sure a device that's almost twice as expensive as its popular Echo could achieve the same success.

Apple will begin shipping the HomePod to the United States, Britain and Australia in December. David Limp, Amazon's Senior VP of devices and the person in charge of Alexa and the Echos, also said that he would like to see Siri and Alexa "talk to each other" and cooperate.