West Africa bloc agrees "in principle" on Morocco membership

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Rabat- Morocco's King Mohamed VI has canceled plans to attend a West Africa summit this weekend in Liberia's capital due to the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As a result of the trip he took to East Africa past year, Netanyahu said that Israel is now in West Africa. I want to thank my friend Yosef Abramowitz for his investments in solar in Africa. "You truly have no better partner for this mission than Israel because Israel is the world leader in technology and all areas of technology".

"This is the first time they (ECOWAS) have invited the leader of a country outside Africa to address them". The PM said that Israel would dispatch working teams to Gambia to render such assistance as it could.

Leaders of West Africa agreed in principle for the accession of the North African country to join the bloc given the strong and multidimensional ties of cooperation.

West Africa bloc agrees
West Africa bloc agrees "in principle" on Morocco membership

Following the passing of the resolution, called Resolution 2334, Netanyahu recalled ambassadors who had resided in both respective countries. He noted thatthe continent is still fighting to get out of the past into the future, though it won its independence with determination.

Earlier, Mrs. Sirleaf said the meeting in Liberia marked a turningpoint in post - conflict recovery and reconstruction of Liberia, recalling the pivotal role of ECOWAS in the resurrection of peacefollowing the protracted civil crisis here. She said many ECOWAS citizens made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for the uninterrupted peace, which Liberians continue to enjoy.

They will consider the application for membership by Morocco, request by Tunisia for observer status, as well as the Association Agreement between Mauritania and the Community. Terrorist attacks are engendering instability in a number of our member states, and we know that terrorism constitutes a growing threat for all of us.

High on the agenda at the meeting would be topical political, economic and security concerns within the sub-region.

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