Caught on Camera: Thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of sex toys

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Two men robbed a sex toy warehouse twice in 24 hours, stealing thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise in less than a day.

Some extremely bold thieves in Las Vegas apparently know that feeling all too well, so they made a decision to get their rubbers the old fashioned way: by driving a station wagon through a warehouse door and stealing tens of thousands of them. In the first theft on Friday night, the bandits broke in and stole boxes containing 30,000 condoms.

LELO is a Swedish company, but they have a warehouse sitting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Security video shows the two men breaking through the side door of the LELO warehouse on Friday, May, 26.

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"33 prostate massagers seems a little excessive even by Vegas standards", the blog post mused.

"They think they can just come in again and again", Solvo said. "A friggin' invite might have been nice", fumed the company owners in a statement. They then returned to grab a couple 36 packs-because you really can't ever have enough condoms, apparently. The sex toys stolen were 33 prostate massages and 48 Kegel exercising aids.

Las Vegas police officer Laura Meltzer says detectives are following up on the burglary reports. LELO, meanwhile, has offered to donate "the full retail value of the stolen goods" to a charity of someone's choice if that person helps authorities identify the criminals or safely recover the stolen sex goods.