Legendary musician Gregg Allman dies at 69

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"Gregg struggled with many health issues over the past several years", read a statement on Allman's official website Saturday.

Allman was a Southern Rock icon and founding member of The Allman Brothers Band which he started with his older brother Duane in the late 1960's.

"Broken heart. Gregg Allman I will miss you". According to the Hollywood Reporter, the musician had been infected with hepatitis C since 1999 and had undergone a liver transplant in 2010. And what's amusing, I think, is that the Allmans were so instrumental in the genesis of what we now call southern rock - you know, a genre that's associated perhaps unfairly with Confederate flags and pickup trucks and all this sort of iconography that suggests, you know, an unwelcoming or an outdated worldview - that it's easy to forget they were revolutionary inclusive at the time.

Gregg Allman, best known for leading the legendary Allman Brothers Band, has died.

Gregg was the co-founder of the famous Allman Brothers Band along with his brother and guitarist Duane Allman.

The extent of the band's influence is beyond measure.

In 1969, Gregg Allman and his older brother Duane Allman formed The Allman Brothers Band.

"I can tell when he's there, man", Allman said. Allman's final concert would be in 2016 during his own Laid Back Festival, mentioning a tour for that following winter.

Allman reportedly did put the finishing touches on a new solo album, titled "Southern Blood", just before his death.

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From the point of Dowd's 2002, Allman spent little time in the recording studio.

"IVE TRIED.WORDS ARE IMPOSSIBLE GUI GUI FOREVER, CHOOCH" - Alllman's former wife Cher, via Twitter. "I didn't really want to, I was exhausted and I wanted to go home and see my pups. I must have said this a million times, but if I died today, I have had me a blast", noted Allman, who died on Saturday, in his autobiography "My Cross to Bear" (2012). I don't know why.

"When I was a kid, I didn't listen to Tommy Dorsey", he continued. As a composer, he wrote songs that not only were FM radio hits back in the '70s but eventually became popular with an entirely new generation of Allman Brothers fans. He had a benevolent soul and the most lovely laughter I have heard.

Of course, it wasn't all smooth-sailing.

"This nearly cancelled the whole thing right here - he said, "by the way, you can't bring you're band", and I've got a kick-ass band, " Allman told me. "I wouldn't eat or sleep or drink or anything".

As teenagers, they began playing a series of bands, including racially integrated ones, a rarity at the time in the South. I mean, we only have a couple of seconds left. As he said in one of his best-known songs: "Well, I've got to run to keep from hidin",/And I'm bound to keep on ridin"/And I've got one more silver dollar, /But I'm not gonna let "em catch me, no, /Not gonna let "em catch the Midnight Rider".

Rolling Stone magazine once credited the Allman Brothers with creating a musicial "template for countless subsequent jam bands".

"They're great because that's when you're learning and you're also putting it out and its coming together and all that good spontaneity is kick-ass man". Duane Allman died shortly after the release of the album in 1971.

"My love of playing is still the same as when I was 24".