Macron victory in France sends euro to 6-month high

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Trump emphasized his desire to work closely with Macron in confronting shared challenges, and noted the long and robust history of cooperation between the United States and France, the White House said in a statement.

Mr Macron, 39, was elected France's youngest-ever president on Sunday, crushing Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen after a bruising campaign that left France's traditional parties by the wayside.

"He carries the hopes of millions of French people, and of many people in Germany and the whole of Europe", German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday quickly reached out to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron to schedule an early meeting and get to work on addressing climate change and a range of global issues.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said: "Happy that the French chose a European future". The French spend too much money and they spend too much in the wrong places.

The euro fell from six-month highs against the dollar on confirmation of Macron's widely expected victory by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent. By contrast, between the first round and the second round, she saw the most gain among conservative voters: She won 20 percent of those who voted for François Fillon, and 30 percent of those who voted for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the other conservative candidates.

However, an abstention rate of over 25 percent, and the fact that more than 11 percent of those who turned out chose neither candidate, pointed to a high degree of disillusionment with the choices on offer in the runoff. A supporter of Emmanuel Macron celebrates in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday.

But under Marine Le Pen, who took over the leadership from her father in 2011, the FN has worked to clean up its image.

Pope Francis, President Trump exchange gifts
Francis will then escort Trump into the library itself, where the two will sit at a large wooden desk across from each other. President Donald Trump is set to meet Pope Francis on Wednesday during his first trip overseas since he took office.

On Wednesday, Macron turned down former socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, saying he did not fit the "criteria" as his plans were not to "recycle" politicians.

Following the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun, Macron called for an intervention against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

With a view to widening its centrist base the name of his En Marche movement has morphed into La Republic En Marche or Republic on the Move.

Despite his overwhelming victory Sunday, a quarter of the French electorate didn't vote, another potentially troubling sign for Macron.

It was the first time the men had appeared in public together since Macron resigned in August 2016 as Hollande's economy minister to run for president - a decision that was received coldly by the French leader at the time, according to French media.

"I will say things clearly: my only ambition is to serve my city and my region and not to enter the government", Estrosi later told reporters.

Hamon, who gained popularity in recent years by leading a group of rebel Socialist lawmakers who opposed Valls, was a distant fifth in the first round of the presidential election after garnering just over 6 percent of the votes, the Socialist Party's worst result since 1969.

In her concession speech, Le Pen acknowledged that the party had to "profoundly" renew itself to become a "new political force". This was nearly double the tally her more rabid father Jean-Marie won in 2002, the last time a far-right candidate made it to the runoff.