Indian climber missing on Everest, guide in bad condition

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Kumar reached the top of Everest on Saturday afternoon and was climbing down with a Sherpa guide when he went out of contact from balcony area, a popular spot near South Col in Everest, Thupten Sherpa of Arun Treks told HT.

Anshu Jamsenpa, 37, returned from the 8,848-metre (29,028-feet) peak on May 16, before turning around after a short rest to repeat the feat. This is not the first time that a climber has succumbed to this fate.

A Chinese climber of Pioneer Adventure Treks and another Slovakian mountaineer were also evacuated from the higher camps after they suffered from high altitude sicknesses, according to the base camp officials.

He made it out unscathed then, but didn't reach the peak, according to an report at the time.

He said Ravi scaled the Everest around 1.28 p.m. and accompanied by a Sherpa guide began to climb down.

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The father of two also tried to climb Everest in April 2015, when an natural disaster rocked the rock and caused an avalanche that killed 19.

This season has seen more than 120 climbers making the summit, despite delays due to high winds, bizarrely cold temperatures and fresh snowfall.

This year's climbing season has already been marred by two deaths, including legendary Swiss climber Ueli Steck who fell from a ridge during an acclimatization climb.

However, passionate climbers continue to make their ascents during this favourable weather cycle before the monsoon hits the region in June.