What is code-word information, and what happens when it is revealed?

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President Donald Trump's consequential meeting with two of Russia's top foreign operatives earlier this month has cast a pall over his administration, raising questions about the President's ability to handle classified information when meeting with sometimes adversarial foreign leaders. Freeland said she expects the administration to send its notice soon announcing the upcoming renegotiation of NAFTA. According to The Post, officials scrambled to "contain the potential fallout" from the conversation by quickly contacting the directors of the CIA and the National Security Agency.

In Saudi Arabia, some officials have privately complained the White House isn't sharing important information about Trump's schedule ahead of his stop.

Comey was sacked as FBI Director last week.

Officials said the President told Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov details of the "inner workings" of Isis that could expose the source of the information - one of America's allies - and the methods used to obtain it.

But the president admitted the basic details on Twitter - and he said it was no big deal.

While this is not illegal, it is viewed as a breach of trust by many in the intelligence community.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the leaks are "frankly unsafe". Waurishuk added that there is no reasonable scenario in which Russian Federation would compromise the information Trump provided by handing it over to ISIS.

The officials, who were not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that Israel previously had urged the United States to be careful about the handling of the intelligence that Mr. Trump discussed.

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Ny told a news conference in Stockholm: "He has tried to dodge all attempts to avoid Swedish and British legal authorities. In a court document seen by Reuters, she said there were no further avenues to pursue to take the investigation forward.

The information, which was provided by Israel to US intelligence, was about an ISIS plan to blow up an airplane with a bomb hidden inside a laptop in a way that could evade airport security, ABC reported, citing current and former USA officials. However, it remains largely unclear what exact information the president reportedly shared and how it would directly threaten American lives.

Pompeo will likely be grilled by lawmakers about published reports that Trump shared such highly classified information with Russian officials that it jeopardized a critical intelligence source.

Information is considered classified if "the national defense has required that certain information be maintained in confidence in order to protect our citizens, our democratic institutions, our homeland security, and our interactions with foreign nations".

Although top aides on Monday had declared reports about Trump's discussions false, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Tuesday sought instead to downplay the significance of the information Trump revealed.

"The president wasn't even aware of where this information came from", McMaster said.

"That conversation was wholly appropriate to the conversation". Critics accused him of seeking to short-circuit an investigation into whether Trump campaign associates colluded with Russians who sought to influence last year's election.

That's especially true for an adversary like Russian Federation, he said.

"I take that (need to preserve secrets) very seriously". We have our best trading partner in the world in Canada - with 35 states being No. 1.