WannaCrypt just the beginning as Shadow Brokers tease more NSA tools

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The blog post criticizes the global technology giants and their relation with the U.S government. It also alleges that Microsoft Corp.is colluding with The Equation Group - "the Microsoft is being BFF with the equation group" - the NSA's hacking group, and that the NSA has spies inside of Microsoft and other top US technology companies.

A version of the government's process, known as "vulnerabilities equities process", has been in place for some time, although its exact details are unclear.

In an irregular move, Microsoft skipped its scheduled monthly patch-release day in February before resuming on March 14, at which point the company quietly fixed many vulnerabilities that the Shadow Brokers then released one month later, in April.

Former NSA officials have claimed the Shadow Brokers' tools are "identical" to those taken by Martin, reports The Washington Post.

From the letter, it looks like group tried auctioning these hacking tools, but they didn't really find buyers for the same.

"Shadow Brokers is feeling like being very responsible party about Windows dump", it claimed. The bad news is that the hacking collecting responsible for releasing the exploit upon which the WannaCry ransomware is based on is planning to release more Windows exploits and hacking tools to anyone willing to pay.

Calling themselves the Shadow Brokers, the group first appeared in 2016 claiming that they had access to 75% of the USA cyber arsenal, which they offered to auction to the highest bidder.

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Exploits for operating systems, including Windows 10.

In the same jibberish rant, it has also been mentioned that the hacker group is now planning to follow a monthly data dump cycle.

The tools and software exploits have been made generally available to both cybercriminals and security-inclined hackers, including the researcher who helped to disrupt the ransomware's spread.

This data dump could include exploits and tools for browsers, handsets and routers; new exploits for Windows 10; "compromised network data from more Swift providers and central banks"; and network data stolen from Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean missile/nuclear programs.

Extract from the Shadow Brokers' Tuesday post.

Shadow Brokers, the group that claimed responsibility for leaking NSA cyber spying tools that included that ones used in WannaCry global ransomware attack, has warned it will sell codes that can be used to hack the most used computers, software and phones. TheShadowBrokers is not being interested in stealing grandmothers' retirement money. He contended that such practices put civilians in danger if cybercriminals come into possession of the information (see Post-WannaCry, Microsoft Slams Spy Agency Exploit-Hoarding).

It is likely that most, if not all of the outstanding exploits held by the Shadow Brokers, have already been fixed by Microsoft, Google, Apple and others. But that argument is hard to follow due to the Shadow Brokers' poor English, which some observers believe may be intentional.