Sen. Graham: Trump-Russia probe seems to be criminal investigation

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The president himself said in his letter to the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director that he had "accepted their recommendation" and concurred "with the judgement of the Department of Justice".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who chose Mueller on Wednesday, said he did so in part because a special counsel "is necessary for the American people to have full confidence" in an investigation. I worked with Bob Mueller. He'll decide how the investigation should proceed, what tactics it will pursue, and what leads it follows, whether and when to call witnesses before a grand jury, and whether and when to seek criminal charges.

Special counsel is generally appointed by the Attorney General.

Chemerinsky and Freedman are correct that a new special prosecutor statute that protected the post from politically motivated removal would be much better than what we now have, although the politicization of the courts has made such protection somewhat illusory.

Most Republicans have remained very careful to only express displeasure with solitary news items that portray the administration poorly, while declining to connect any dots until there is more evidence - all the while, stifling efforts to actually connect those dots.

Flynn, through his lawyer, had earlier asked for immunity from "unfair prosecution" in exchange for agreeing to cooperate with the committee.

As special counsel, Mueller will have the freedom and independence to conduct a thorough and complete investigation without the fanfare of partisan politics that has enveloped Washington since January.

"It was a counterintelligence investigation before now".

"It was a counterintelligence investigation before now". Not only is he able to assign Justice Department employees to the investigation, he can also request that non-departmental workers be assigned.

Arizona Sen. John McCain was more effusive about Mueller.

Senate panel chairman: Flynn won't honor subpoena
USA officials however told Reuters these calls did not show any evidence of wrongdoing or collusion during the 2016 campaign. Flynn has not agreed to comply with May 10 subpoena for documents about his interactions with Russian officials.

As the BBC notes, Richard Nixon's attorney general appointed Archibald Cox as special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate scandal.

Independent counsels or special prosecutors don't exist anymore.

Mueller's appointment was not expected to affect the FBI or congressional investigations.

One of Issa's California colleagues, Rep. Devin Nunes, the controversial head of the House Intelligence Committee who had to remove himself from its investigation into Trump, praised Mueller. Prosecutors want I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby to serve up to three years in prison for lying about his conversations with reporters regarding Central Intelligence Agency operative Valerie Plame, whose 2003 outing touched off a leak investigation. Chaffetz has invited Comey to testify before the House Oversight Committee next week.

The naming of Mueller represents a threat to the White House because he will be armed with sweeping powers, including the right to subpoena documents or interview the President as he builds a case centered on the question of whether anyone in Trump's circle colluded with the Russians to influence the course of the election or committed any crimes.

"I believe it hurts our country terribly because it shows we're a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country", Trump said in his first public remarks about the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to probe the Russian controversy.

That was on Wednesday night.

Some snarkers also noted Trump appears not to be aware of the four presidents who were assassinated, though he frequently talks about Lincoln, so you'd think he'd know about that one at least.

The appointment of a special counsel might not be the ideal way to get to the bottom of the growing list of questions surrounding Donald Trump and Russian Federation.

Like many others in Washington, Democrats and Republicans alike, Zeidenberg respects the appointment of Mueller as special counsel.