Priest's DNA doesn't match evidence in nun's slaying

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A few days before her disappearance, the priest reportedly tried to ask her to marry him again.

One of the most promising leads to solving the nearly 50-year-old murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik has gone cold. The 26-year-old nun had suffered blunt force trauma to her head. Two of the women sued Maskell, the high school and the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1994, but the suit was dismissed due to an expired statute of limitations. Maskell passed away in 2001, but, as part of an ongoing investigation into this unsolved murder, detectives in Baltimore, Md., exhumed the grave of the Catholic priest in late February.

The Keepers, a new true crime documentary series premiering on Netflix on Friday, spotlights Cesnik's killing and the mysteries she left behind: Who would want a nun dead? A sample was sent to Bode Cellmark Forensics in Lorton, Va. County police are only equipped to analyze biological fluids. This profile was compared with the crime scene evidence.

"Our office has received quite a few important calls that we intend to share with the police", she said.

Maskell is not the first suspect whose DNA has been compared to the crime scene sample. But so far, no matches.

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Police said DNA profiles of about a half-dozen suspects have been compared with crime scene evidence over the years. But renewed media attention forced members of law enforcement to revive the almost 50-year-old cold case, and just last week, investigators exhumed the priest's body to obtain a DNA sample.

The vehicle Cesnik used during the trip - a recently-purchased Ford Maverick - was found illegally parked and unlocked just a block from her apartment.

Former students of the Catholic school are insisting that Father Maskell was somehow involved in Cesnik's murder, since she reportedly planned to tell all about his sexual abuse. The Archdiocese of Baltimore subsequently paid settlements to 13 women who alleged that Maskell molested them, lawyers for the women said. "You see what happens when you say bad things about people?" the 30-year-old priest told her. "The Keepers", which has seven episodes, examines the theory that Cesnik was killed because she knew about the abuse.

"For now, we've pretty well reached the end of the road when it comes to forensic evidence", she said.