Mom warns parents after daughter chokes on fidget spinner

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They're the flavor of the week, but "fidget spinners" may have spun out of control after a Texas girl swallowed part of hers. That's how Joniec said her daughter got a bearing stuck in her throat.

Joniec said she is sharing the story in hopes that parents of young children will realize these toys can pose a potential choking hazard.

If you know a middle school kid, or a parent or teacher of one, chances are you've seen the simple little colorful device that's driving them all insane lately.

Britton was taken by ambulance to her local children's hospital where an X-ray showed the spinner bushing lodged in her esophagus.

Joniec said her daughter Britton was sent to the hospital after a piece of the spinner had apparently broken off the device after she put it inside her mouth to clean it.

Houston area mom Kelly Rose Joniec said her 10-year-old daughter's fidget spinner led to "a pretty eventful Saturday", The Dallas Morning News reports.

"After multiple, very stressful attempts to place an IV, Britton was taken to surgery to endoscopically locate and remove the object".

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CNN said efforts to reach the makers of the fidget spinner for comment were not successful.

A fidget spinner is a three-pronged, palm-sized piece of plastic or metal that spins around a central weighted disc. Britton was rushed to the ER, then wound up having a chunk of a fidget spinner surgically removed from her throat.

Her words are beyond chilling because so many kids are using these gadgets, and they apparently come apart all too easily.

As most parents know, you can tell children not to put something in their mouths a million times, but that doesn't mean they'll listen!

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission agrees: "Anything with small parts, keep it away from young children". But another had a far clearer warning: "CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts".

For children, choking on food, toys, and coins is the leading cause of injury and death.

Some schools have banned the spinners, fearing that they're disruptive, while others have maintained that they are helpful for students who have trouble concentrating.