Lone congressman calls to impeach Trump on House Floor: Does it matter?

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The standoff between Trump and his former FBI director intensified with the news of Comey's memo saying that Trump asked him to shut down the agency's investigation into ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The committee's top Republicans and Democrats asked for all memos created by Comey related to his interactions with not only Trump, but also past presidents and Justice department officials. The Times report cites a memo written by Comey, which appears to provide evidence Trump tried to influence the FBI's investigation into links between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign.

"As far as I can recall, the Trump administration maybe one month or two months before the Trump administration had an official ban on laptops on airlines from seven Middle Eastern counties and it was connected directly with the terrorist threat", Lavrov added.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, meanwhile, argued against a rush to judgment on the revelations while Congress exercises its oversight authority over the president.

What experts and many lawmakers do agree on is that the report is worthy of an investigation.

Given the pace at which the scandals have piled up for the Trump White House, Warner said he and Burr "told our staff that in light of everything that's going on this week we need to put the pedal to the metal ― accelerate it".

The White House denies the allegations.

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People are asking if President Donald Trump obstructed justice - but what exactly does that mean? After the news broke of the Comey memo, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stood in the chamber and said, "I say to all of my colleagues in the Senate - history is watching".

The release of Comey memos and other materials to Congress would immediately change the nature of congressional investigations into the president and Russian Federation. One of those memos detailed the February 14 meeting in which Trump asked if the director whether he could see a "way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go", noting that he's a "good guy".

"We've tried tonight to get Republicans to come out and talk to us, and there are not Republicans willing to go on camera tonight as of yet", host Bret Baier said.

A few Republicans have begun to call for an independent probe.

Democratic Party operatives, McClatchy reported, acknowledged that they were caught off guard by how fast impeachment became a relevant issue and said that they now fear the political blowback that could occur if it's not handled correctly.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide memos related to Comey's dealings with his superiors in the Trump and Obama administrations. How many memos did Comey write?