Kirkersville murders: Judge who granted killer's early release admits 'mistakes'

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Thomas Hartless, the man police say fatally shot an OH police chief and two nursing home employees last week, had a history of domestic violence.

During the attack, Hartless fatally shot Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario with a shotgun.

On the other hand, the slain Nurse Medrano had previously obtained civil protection from orders against her killer Hartless, who has released from jail this April for domestic violence.

Forty-three-year-old Thomas Hartless killed himself after the fatal shootings last week at a nursing home in Kirkersville, about 25 miles (39 kilometers) east of Columbus.

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Twenty-one of the weapons found at the Utica home were shotguns and 20 were rifles, according to search warrants obtained by the Newark Advocate.

Medrano was reportedly killed in the center's nursing station and died of multiple gunshots from a handgun and shotgun. reported Tuesday that Medrano went to police May 5 to report that Hartless had beaten her twice more and that she feared for her life. Suspect Thomas Hartless, 43, was found dead inside the nursing home in Kirkersv.

The judge presiding over the case has acknowledged that "mistakes were made" and said he will review how similar cases are handled in the future. In her request, she wrote "I am afraid to be alone with him". Medrano had written the court back in March before a judge issued the sentence: "I am not trying to validate why he acted the way he did". A memorial service is planned Wednesday for Krantz.