Joe Lieberman Leading Choice for FBI Director

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There has been no official White House announcement of the nomination, but one is expected soon.

President Donald Trump's national security adviser plans to brief reporters at the White House. His appointment will need to be confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate. "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go", said Trump, according to a source who read the memo. John Cornyn, R-Texas, predicted the former CT senator would receive all 100 Senate votes.

The scene was reminiscent of Trump's very public search for a vice president and his transition period, when potential Cabinet picks were paraded through the lobby of Trump Tower in NY.

Lieberman is no stranger to Washington, serving three terms as a CT senator, twice as a Democrat and once as an Independent. However, he supported and campaigned for Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

"I was disappointed because the president of the United States had just confessed to engaging in an extramarital affair with a young woman in his employ and to willfully deceiving the nation about his conduct", Lieberman said, later adding, "The implications for our country are so serious that I feel a responsibility to my constituents in CT, as well as to my conscience, to voice my concerns forthrightly and publicly". "So we want to get back and keep on the track that we're on". Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said it was a "mistake" to nominate him.

Lieberman is an unusual choice, not only due to his lack of relevant experience, but also because he comes from the opposite side of the party aisle from the Republican President.

Lieberman emerging as the front-runner was first reported by Politico. His seat was won by Sen.

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The report noted that the choice would be unconventional in light of the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is usually not run by politicians, and because he is 75 years old and Federal Bureau of Investigation directors are appointed to 10-year terms.

The founder of Lieberman's law firm ― Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman ― is one of the president's top lawyers. There's no suggestion Lieberman is dishonest, and his background as Connecticut's attorney general certainly gives him some qualifications to lead America's top law-enforcement agency.

But he told NBC Connecticut that Trump's victory is a result of people's dissatisfaction with Washington.

Potentially complicating his issues with Democrats, Lieberman's firm has represented Trump in past litigation.

On paper, Lieberman may seem like a confusing choice for the GOP president. Lieberman appeared with DeVos at her Senate hearing, even introducing her with words of praise. He also publicly disagreed with Trump's so-called Muslim ban.

The ACLU said Thursday it has "serious concerns" about Lieberman, who has supported expansive surveillance power for the government.