France's Macron calls for 'historic reconstruction' of Europe

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Some French political reporters said that Macron's office called their media organization to designate specific journalists who will be able to cover Macron's first trip outside Europe, scheduled in Mali on Friday.

With respect to the EU's free movement of services, capital, goods and labor, "Macron looks at it with the same point of view, so we have somebody on our side", Fuchs said.

But revisiting the treaties to do that is a big hurdle, stirring deep fears it could open a Pandora's box, with member states taking up other issues once thought to have been settled.

Some of the key European Union principles, such as the freedom of movement, have been contested by a number of member states in connection with immigration control. Macron insisted that the European Union should do more to protect itself against dumping.

The German chancellor said she been "irked" ever since the signing of the Lisbon treaty by those who had written off treaty change: "The entire world is changing and we declare that we have exhausted ourselves once and that's it for our entire lifetime", she said.

France's United Kingdom ambassador, Sylvie Bermann added Mr Macron wants the "reconstruction of Europe" and will work alongside Germany to achieve that.

The French president mentioned fiscal and economic cooperation, external defense, joint asylum proposals and foreign policy as possible areas of cooperation between France and Germany. All these will have an impact on our citizens.

"We need a less bureaucratized Europe that would be able to better protect its citizens", Macron said.

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The French President also called for a "less bureaucratic" European Union that "better protects" its citizens, and he categorically ruled out the so-called "eurobonds " n a proposal launched during the Eurozone crisis that would consist of combining debts among countries sharing the common currency, something to which Berlin is vehemently opposed.

"I am not a promoter of metalizing of old debt" within the eurozone, said Macron after meeting Merkel, adding however that the joint financing of future projects should be considered.

The statement was a clear nod to Germany, which has been vigorously opposing the idea of taking responsibility for the debts of weaker, crisis-hit European Union member states. "I am aware of the responsibility at this critical moment that we make the right decisions".

The redevelopment of ties between Paris and Berlin will continue with a meeting of the Franco-German Council of Ministers, which is scheduled for July.

Earlier Monday in Paris, Macron named centre-right lawmaker Edouard Philippe as prime minister in a further effort to splinter the country's traditional parties and redraw the political map.

Mr Macron used a visit to the German capital to meet the veteran leader in his first official trip overseas, to call for a "historic reconstruction" of Europe.

When Britain leaves the bloc in 2019, France will be the EU's only member with nuclear weapons and a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.