Destiny 2 gameplay revealed in new trailer

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After the initial story trailer earlier this year, this will be the first time we'll be able to see Destiny 2 running in the flesh.

Blizzard was also squishy about PC release specifics in a FAQ regarding the game's release on (which is supposedly actually called the Blizzard app now, even though no one calls it that).

Thoughts about Destiny 2?

One of the most interesting pieces of news to come out of the livestream, for PC players, was the service that Destiny will be purchased and launched through. While Bungie has promised dramatic improvements to the game, we're yet to see any actual gameplay - although that's about to change.

Raids and Nightfalls get a more social-focused approach to matchmaking called "Guided Games", which ties into the new Clan system.

I have no doubt that the team over at Bungie will be putting forth their best effort and Destiny 2 will be awesome.

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This information, though corroborated by a webpage about Destiny 2 on Blizzard's website, does conflict with the Amazon and GameStop preorder pages, which is why, up until now, it was thought that the game would be a concurrent release on both PC and console. The Crucible is making a return, and they've made it where it's 4-vs-4 across all of the Crucible game modes.

In-Game Clan Support - In Destiny 1, Clan Members had to go to the Bungie website to do anything for their clan.

Today's gameplay reveal stream reached well over 400,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch at its peak, shattering the previous high set a reveal stream for the Destiny: The Taken King expansion back in 2015. That mission is said to be the loss of the fight, with the rest of the game following the rebuilding of the Guardians as the player helps to reclaim their powers. Ghaul is described as a Warlock who has "stolen the light", weakening the Guardians including Cayde, Zavala and Acura who retreat to different worlds respectively. There will be three weapon slots available, each associated with one of the Kinetic, Energy, or Power damage types.

How can I watch the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal live? The wait is nearly over, and to help us get a glimpse into this new game, an open Beta will be available this summer!

In response to criticisms due to the delays of the game's release, the director vowed to keep an eye out on providing fans more details about the date sooner.