Colbert responds to Trump's 'no talent' insult: 'I won'

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Trump's "filthy" criticisms were referring to a "holster" joke Colbert made last week alleging ties between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He called the comedian a "no-talent guy" and said "there's nothing amusing about what he says, and what he says is filthy". "There's nothing amusing about what he says", Trump told Time Thursday.

Someone needs to tell Donald Trump the first rule of comedy: don't go after the guy with the mic. "And you have kids watching", Trump said.

Trump said Colbert's comments "only build up my base" and "helps me".

Like many in the entertainment business and in politics, Trump is someone whose very life force is the attention other people pay to him. The guy was dying.

And correcting Trump's claim that his appearance on "The Late Show" was its highest-rated episode, the host said former presidential candidate Jeb Bush's appearance got higher ratings than Trump's. The President trashed his show and called it "dying" and "filthy" in a quote that will just blow you away!

Colbert has leveled a series of blistering attacks on Trump during his show, including one so fierce and off-color it led to the hashtag #FireColbert. While it's true that Trump did pull in high ratings, guess who drew even more?

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In an interview with Time magazine earlier this week, Trump said: "You see a no-talent guy like Colbert". And you were very restrained. But now you did it...

The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Colbert used the moment on Thursday's show to muse that he does occasionally used explicit language, but only in public, and never on an "Access Hollywood" bus.

In a preview clip released by CBS, Colbert addressed the quote in his Thursday night monologue. You had to be nice to them so you didn't get turned away. "But don't worry - you won the energy ratings college".

"You've taken three airplanes to get there, and you need them to give you some content, and you have to be nice to them all day", the Full Frontal host continued. You do. Just bad approval numbers. "I hear they're thinking of switching your time slot with Mike Pence".

"I wouldn't have this gig or any gig if it hadn't been for this man", Colbert said.