Android is on two billion devices

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Also, with just your voice, you can call "millions of businesses" in the U.S. and Google, thanks to built-in Google Search on Google Home.

While at Google I/O 2017 in May, Google said it would roll out calling to all Google Home owners "over the coming months". Well, this basic text highlight feature will be using Google AI to easily identify and copy useful text intelligently.

In a Google Home demonstration, the company showed how Lens would be integrated into Google Assistant.

Here, we line up some of the important announcements made by Sundar Pichai at the conference where people get to understand from the Googlers, as to what is actually going on at Google and what are its plans. Bixby Vision Feature, a feature which comes in Galaxy S8 and S8+ also works in the same way.

Google's voice assistant is generally considered more powerful than Siri, because it is a third-party integration into Apple devices. Google also gave information about the new update.

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They said they expected "conduct more appropriate " from Turkey, a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and a key US ally. But it didn't happen in Turkey, where Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian government shows little patience with dissent .

Apart from Android O delivering fluid experiences, Google has discussed the vitals of Android O. So basically under this banner, features such as battery optimization and security have been discussed. This feature will help the users minimise the video so that the video only covers a little portion of the mobile screen. A user will need to say "Ok Google, what's up?" to hear the alert. Accordingly, the Android O Beta will be rolling out later this year while developers can definitely have a sneak peak on the Android O Preview at the company's website.

The tech giant announced Android Go, a barebones version of the Android operating system for cheaper smartphones. Called Android Go, this software will automatically enable data-saving features and will steer users toward apps designed specifically for low-cost hardware.

Google has been seriously working on the VR technology. Sure, you might find writing a novel on the phone sluggish - although products like Samsung Dex suggest the phone can be pushed a lot further as a laptop replacement - but the majority of people in business aren't writing novels. They have partnered with HTC and Lenovo to develop standalone head mounted VR sets.

Google Photos will now create a photo book of the images in your mobile phone's gallery as per Google I/O 2017.

Another tool in Google Photos will prompt you to share photos you take with people you know. A new Google Play Protect feature makes it easy for users to see which of the installed apps have recently been scanned for potentially harmful content. Apps that run in the background are limited in usage.