Warriors rally to beat Spurs

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In his stead, assistant coach Mike Brown has taken the interim helm - though not without some delay Tuesday. "We've been trying to push it and trying to push it, but now we're turning it over a little bit". "For me, I love having him around. Not just the players, but us as a staff, so it was good to see him out here today".

Was that all Kerr?

Maybe the Warriors can set up an iPad on the bench when the series moves to San Antonio so Steve Kerr can watch and provide feedback via FaceTime.

"It was good to hear his voice; he gave us a different perspective", Durant said of Kerr.

"He was calm. He wasn't yelling at anybody".

But even with Leonard's awkward landing on Zaza Pachulia's foot exiling him to the locker room for the remainder of the day, the Warriors still had to put in work to surmount a hole they'd dug themselves with stagnant, indecisive ball movement and scattered defense.

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"I'm sure he was", Durant said with a smile, "but before us, he was calm and we just tried to go out there and take it a possession at a time". However, the Spurs need more in your face and intense plays like this defensively if they want to beat them in the seven games series.

That final score-a gliding, confident maneuver in space-encapsulated a vintage night for Curry, who finished with 40 points on 26 shots in fewer than 40 minutes of floor time.

The Warriors did not come out sharply this afternoon, as the Spurs opened up a 20-point lead at halftime, 62-42.

Against Portland, Utah and San Antonio this year, Curry has thus far stayed upright and mobile, agile and lethal, and it shows. "Nobody was too tense over there". But then we turned it over and they got some easy ones so now we are playing from behind and in the second quarter we got out of sorts. I thought the rebounding really hurt us, as is evidenced by the last - I think it was Kevin [Durant] that finally made it, or was it Klay [Thompson]?

"I'm always going to check through things with Steve", Brown said. His downtime is to help us get prepared for the series and you know he misses being around the day-to-day routine, the atmosphere, practice and locker rooms and games and all that.

With the potential for Kawhi Leonard to miss more time with that lingering ankle injury I still believe we will see a 3rd straight Warriors-Cavs matchup in the Finals.