India's plea on Jadhav 'unnecessary'

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Noted lawyer Harish Salve, speaking to India, told the court that India couldn't organise resistance assistant to Jadhav because of the disavowal of consular access by Pakistan. Ausaf, who held marathon meetings for two days with the officials of the Foreign Office and the Law Ministry, is expected to represent Pakistan before the ICJ. "There is an immediate threat to him to be executed even before a decision is passed".

India had termed the death sentence awarded to Jadhav "an act of premeditated murder", while maintaining that Jadhav was a retired officer of the Indian Navy.

Dismissing Pakistan's request for the Indian national's "confession video" to be played before the court, the ICJ said it would pass an order as soon as possible. "Whatever Pakistan is saying that Jadhav was a spy for the Indian agency, had been proved wrong by our arguments", he asserted. "We will not respond in kind", Mohammad Faisal, DG south Asia and SAARC, said. Further speaking on the issue, spokesperson said, "We encourage India and Pakistan to engage in direct dialogue aimed at reducing tension".

The ICJ had last week stayed the execution of Jadhav on a petition by India, which approached the United Nations court after 46 years on an issue with Pakistan.

'Jadhav has not got the right to get proper legal assistance and the right to consular access.

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He said the Indian Spy was sentenced to death after fulfilling all necessary legal procedures and Indian Spy was also given council to defend allegation against him. "We will fight for his justice", he added. The case was related to shooting down of Pakistan's maritime reconnaissance aircraft Atlantique by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in the Kutch region on August 10, 1999, killing all 16 naval personnel on board.

He added that Pakistan has not been able to give any justification in its claim towards giving death sentence to Jadhav except for the doctored video confession which was displayed on the television and that's all they had to show there. India failed to provide any evidence to counter Pakistan claim.

In its submission, Salve had earlier pointed out that the consular pact between India and Pakistan was not relevant as it was not registered with the UN.

Harish Salve: Jadhav's trial process is "farcical". Pakistani counsel Khawar Qureshi said in his 45-minute reply: "India's plea for invoking provisions of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention is not relevant in this case".

Asian neighbors Pakistan and India have a history of bitter relations, and Jadhav's death sentence has further strained ties. "Jadhav's parents have applied for visa to travel to Pakistan which has fallen on deaf ears". India also told the court that the Indian national who has been framed in Pakistan has been denied any consular access.