Stephen King's Firestarter next in line for a remake

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The announcement of Stephen King's "Firestarter" film remake immediately had fans speculating about the flawless young actress who could be sweet and deadly at the same time.

Not only is a Firestarter remake in the works, but the studios also announced that the project already has a director in Akiva Goldsman (Winter's Tale, Fringe) and a script penned by Scott Teems (Rectify).

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, with veteran writer/producer Akiva Goldsman attached to direct. Goldsman brought us A Beautiful Mind, so he can do no wrong. What OTHER King films would you like to receive the remake treatment? However, he also wrote the more respectable I Am Legend, and was an executive producer on Fringe. Together with Jason Blum, he produced Paranormal Activity 2, 3, and 4.

Firestarter Remake Director Found in Akiva Goldsman
If you're a fan of seeing the tales of Stephen King adapted for the screen, 2017's already a really good year for you. Well, Stephen King openly admits that Firestarter was one of the worst films based on one of his books.

More exciting than Goldsman's helming of the movie is the fact that this is coming off a very hot streak for horror label Blumhouse Productions. There's still nothing quite like a great film adaptation of a King novel, and now another title has joined the fray, albeit a familiar one: Firestarter. For now, just know that it's in good hands with Blumhouse, so that's, at least, a good sign. Stranger Things became a cultural phenomenon previous year while drawing heavy influences from the author, and 11.22.63 did a fine job in adapting one of the author's most labyrinthe novels.

There's never been a bad time to be a Stephen King fan, since his books have seen a steady stream of award-winning movie adaptations for decades.