Xbox One Scorpio: What Else Is There?

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These demos don't use game assets, but they are indicative of how developers can leverage the improved performance of Project Scorpio over and above what's offered by the Xbox One. Apparently, everything started with overclocking a regular Xbox One S to see how games could run better.

How Much Will The 2017 Xbox Project Scorpio Cost?

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was asked about Microsoft's E3 plans during an interview with Xbox On, and he shared some thoughts on what to look forward to.

According to the report, the first Project Scorpio tech demo featured a scientist lady in a steampunk-inspired lab, though please note this was not taken from an actual game.

The price of Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio has been spotted online with a price tag of 399.99 Euros or around $436.

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In the "More Personal Computing" segment, which includes the gaming portion of sales, it was mentioned that active users on Xbox Live were 52 million during the quarter, up from 46 million during the same quarter past year, and only a slight decline from the 55 million users during the holiday season.

1080p is on the left, downsampled 4K is in the middle displayed at 1080p, and native 4K on the far right. Otherwise, there's this truth that actually playing an exclusive game intended for a particular platform is much better than just admiring a graphically enhanced, but old game that won't exactly bring any new long-term experiences. All Xbox One games are different, and we can't expect every game to perform with similar visuals (especially the ladybug pictures).

Even though it's pretty easy to gauge the graphical enhancements that Project Scorpio will offer just by looking at the revealed hardware specifications, it can still be hard to imagine just how large the tangible graphical difference will be. These improvements are straight resolution enhancements, but that's not the only way developers can use Project Scorpio's horsepower. Microsoft has armed devs with a suite of tools and software to match the system's higher-end hardware; for example, the Forza devs at Turn10 ported Forza 6: Apex to Project Scorpio in just two days time.

Recall that Microsoft will return to present Xbox Scorpio during at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.