Elon Poll: 42 percent think Trump's doing a good job

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President Trump said, "And we had the most handsome piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen".

With President Donald Trump's 100th day in office looming in the distance, only 32 percent of millennials approve of his performance so far, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics.

None of those things have happened, but to be fair, he still has a bit of time, as the 100th day isn't until Saturday.

On the economic front, Trump directed the United States' withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and successfully intervened to keep a Carrier furnace-manufacturing plant in IN rather than it relocating to Mexico (though the jobs saved were fewer than what Trump claimed).

The letter from the House members echoes a similar one sent to Trump earlier this month signed by 18 senators asking for similar protections for religious objectors.

But the onetime anti-establishment candidate who promised to "drain the swamp" in Washington appears to have recognized - with a mix of naivete and craftiness - that he has one of the most hard jobs in the world.

Some of the measures he vowed to accomplish have been stalled in Congress or blocked by federal courts.

Having an outsider Republican president in the White House has not eliminated those divisions, as has already become clear from the House's failure to advance a health care bill.

Still, majorities offer negative impressions of Trump's presidency so far across a range of questions about his handling of the job.

In a speech marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, Trump says those who would deny that 6 million Jews were killed by Germany's Nazi leadership during World War II "are an accomplice of this disgusting evil". Whose advice to heed?

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All of his predecessors have said it: moving into the mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a shock to the system.

Often the drawings relate to the news.

In the choice of his teams as well as in some negotiations, a sort of "presidentialization" seems to be unfolding - albeit haltingly. And a previous even divide on whether Trump can bring the kind of change the country needs now tilts narrowly negative (51% say he can't, 48% that he can).

On China, Russia and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, his about-faces have - to some extent - reassured some Americans, and some of Washington's allies. On this, he delivered more than promised - not only starting the process of finding a new Supreme Court justice but winning Senate confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, who now sits on the court.

But his approach also includes risks.

Trump performed well on the topic of military use following missile strikes in Syria earlier this month and his rhetoric on North Korea. Imitating the movie classic "It's a Wonderful Life" starring Jimmy Stewart, we look at what life would be like without Trump as president.

Both style and substance reveal that Donald J. Trump is an American president like no other before him.

"I think the 100 days is, you know, it's an artificial barrier", Trump told the AP on April 23. "I tend to be right". George W. Bush's tax cuts were not signed until June and were partially repealed by his successor.

He wrote of a president "ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, of art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance. and wielding a vocabulary of 77 words". Mr. Obama also okayed the Trump surge in Afghanistan, and started the US withdrawal from Iraq - the latter didn't turn out so well. There's an unconventional new president in the White House and Republicans have a lock on Congress, but Washington is still up to its old tricks.Just as occurred rep. For all of Trump's berating of President Barack Obama, Mr. Obama had some serious legislative accomplishment in the first 100 days such as the stimulus package, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The first 100 days has also been marked by Trump's divisiveness-urning Americans against each other, legitimizing hatefulness toward Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans and African-Americans, fueling violence between his supporters and his opponents.