New Poll Could Impact Marijuana Legalization In PA

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Though marijuana is legal for all adults in Colorado, people under 21 still need a doctor's recommendation to get the drug. Sixty-five percent of people actually think that marijuana is less risky than other drugs as well, indicating increased public awareness of distinctions that marijuana advocates have been trying to draw for decades.

British Columbians were also most likely to back legalization, with 75 per cent support, while support was weakest in Quebec where only 51 per cent of people agreed.

Despite these efforts, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear that he does not support cannabis legalization in any form, noting that there's "more violence around marijuana than one would think".

And most Americans also think marijuana is less unsafe than most other drugs, particularly those who say they have tried it.

In recent decades, however, a growing number of states have liberalized their drug laws, especially those related to marijuana.

Most Americans view marijuana in particular as safer than alcohol.

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He noted that the law referenced in the Justice Department's letter was on the books before President Donald Trump took office. Sanctuary Cities are those jurisdictions that thwart the efforts of Federal Deportation Officers to remove illegal immigrants.

Half of respondents, meanwhile, said they had tried marijuana, including 45 percent of Republicans, 49 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of independents.

The findings come soon after Canadian officials announced plans to legalize marijuana around the country by mid-2018.

Even so, the White House has said police will enforce federal marijuana laws - which still lists pot as an illegal substance - when they conflict with states where recreational use of the drug is permitted. "But I think that what we are learning is that certain individuals in the states that have legalized marijuana are dealing with issues and I think that it is a good opportunity for us in New Jersey to evaluate, both the negative and positive aspects of legalization".

Since the state began selling recreational marijuana January 1, 2014 - combined with medical marijuana sales - Colorado has collected more than $400 million in taxes, a large chunk of which has gone towards schools.

While the federal government says current marijuana laws will be enforced until new laws are passed, marijuana activist Eric Shepard says he hopes the police take a relaxed approach to enforcement during a Thursday afternoon rally at Victoria Park.

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