Supreme Court Retirement Rumors Arise

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"I would expect a resignation this summer", he said, according to the Muscatine Journal.

"I think we'll have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer", Cruz said at the time.

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Retirement rumors are swirling around the Supreme Court and even Senate Judiciary Committee chairman. He said there are "some very good females on there that would make good Supreme Court justices". Fellow Republican Judiciary Committee member Ted Cruz has also hinted at a summer retirement announcement from the Court. "If that happens, as much as the left is insane now, they will go full Armageddon meltdown".

As far as the potential replacement pick, Grassley said he wouldn't be surprised if President Trump chose a nominee from the same list from which he selected Gorsuch. Republicans now have 52 seats in the Senate, all but ensuring any GOP-favored nominee would sail through. He said a resignation was "rumored", and that he expected President Donald Trump's next nominee to the high court to be picked from the same list as Justice Merrick Garland. The vote on the "nuclear option" prior to the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch earlier this month, has changed the process for confirming justices. With four strong conservatives - Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and the late Antonin Scalia - and four equally strident liberals - Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg - it often fell to the moderate Kennedy to cast a deciding vote on a case.