Market Analyst Who Called Trump Victory Sees Le Pen Winning in France

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In a note yesterday, Samy Chaar, chief economist, said a Le Pen victory was unlikely and "a win for Emmanuel Macron is by far the most probable scenario".

Marine Le Pen, of the Front Nationale, was talking precisely about terrorism and national security just before word came though of the attack, but her rival, François Fillon, was also strong on the issue of Islamist terrorism, tackling the threat from within France but also of jihadist movements across the world.

"The perpetrator was flagged for radicalization". Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen calls for closure of all Islamist mosques.

Separately, three members of the family of the man who was killed in a shootout with police Thursday night, have been taken into custody, the spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor told CNN on Friday.

On its media channel, Amaq, ISIS claimed that the attack was carried out by "Abu Yousuf al-Baljiki (the Belgian) and he is one of the Islamic State's fighters". "The people of France will not take much more of this", he wrote on Twitter.

"From this weak government of inaction I demand the immediate restoration of our national borders." she wrote, later adding, "I demand the immediate explosion of foreigners flagged for radicalization".

Melenchon and Fillon head into the first round hoping to snatch a place in the May 7 runoff from front-runners Le Pen and Macron after polls tightened during the last weeks.

Fillon said that if elected, his foreign policy priority would be the destruction of ISIS. Macron said her plans were "nonsense" and he would improve intelligence with a centralised anti-terror force. He was convicted in that attack and had a criminal record because of involvement in violent robberies.

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The attack unfolded on the famed Champs-Elysees around 9 p.m. local time (3 p.m. ET) when a vehicle stopped in front of a police van, according to French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet.

Speaking during a televised debate around the time of Thursday's attack, Fillon said there was "no room for pursuing today or tomorrow an electoral campaign because first of all we have to demonstrate our solidarity with the police officers".

While the dynamics of French politics are decidedly from those in the US, Mr Trump may recall that another incident in Paris - the November 2015 mass shooting at the Bataclan theatre - helped solidify his lead in the polls leading into the Republican presidential primaries. Also wounded was a female tourist. "What can you say?"

A Muslim terrorist has once again struck the City of Lights, this time ahead of the most important election in French history.

Said Le Pen, "I have a strong faith and I am fortunate in that I have never doubted it".

(AP Photo/Michel Euler, File) "Because our country is at war, the response must be global, total", Le Pen said Friday in a statement in which she criticized sitting President Francois Hollande as "weak" and "inadequate" on terror. He says he's not anxious about emboldening terrorists by saying an attack can have an impact on a democratic election.

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